This is all a cohesive lesson in the fact that sometimes, what happens online is just...for fun.

A recent photoshopped image of Kyrie Irving donning the Lakers' Purple and Gold sent the internet in spirals this week. One imaginative NBA fan created the image and shared it to Instagram, where none other than LeBron James himself "liked" the photo.

Well, now that everyone has settled down again, a new report has surfaced claiming that Irving is not interested in joining forces with his former comrade, and that double finger tap is just that: an innocent action to start off a wild offseason.

ESPN's Jackie MacMullan appeared on Brian Windhorst's podcast and claimed that Irving had actually "shut the door" on the idea of joining the Lakers.

"I did a little digging around and my feeling is very strongly that while LeBron and Kyrie have kissed and made up, that Kyrie is not going there" Jackie MacMullan

While many fans around the league were excited over the idea of a LeBron and Kyrie pairing in Los Angeles, it now seems like far less of a possibility. We trust Jackie Mac.

Still, the fact that the former teammates are no longer on bad terms is a big step forward, and knowing the endless drama of the NBA, it's still difficult to rule out the Lakers as a possible destination for the star point guard.

Irving has also recently been linked to the Brooklyn Nets, with reports suggesting that the organization believes that he could play well alongside D'Angelo Russell.

LeBron and the Lakers will certainly do all they can to persuade the 27-year-old to make the move to Hollywood, but the plugged-in MacMullan doesn't envision Irving teaming up with his "big bro" in free agency.