VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Telling Jimmy Kimmel About His Daughter Carrying on His Legacy is Heartbreaking

Kobe Bryant was always proud of his daughters.
Kobe Bryant was always proud of his daughters. | @Phil_Lewis_ Twitter

The tragic event of Kobe Bryant's death in a helicopter crash on Sunday only grew in scope after the initial news broke; his daughter, Gigi, passed away in the crash as well. It was always clear that the Los Angeles Lakers star was beyond proud of his daughters. He loved being a father, and that's what makes this clip of him praising his daughter, Gianna, that much more gut-wrenching.

While talking with Jimmy Kimmel, Bryant talked about how people would walk up to him and say "You gotta have a boy, have somebody to carry on the legacy," only for Gianna to say "Oh, I got this!"

It was so obvious how excited he was for his daughters' futures. They were the ones he wanted to pass the torch to as they entered into the next stages of their lives, especially in the realm of basketball. Gigi was a budding star, eyeing a UConn basketball career as a stepping stone to the next level. Her potential, of course, was unlimited.

It's absolutely painful to know that we won't be able to watch them follow in his footsteps.