Knicks Reportedly Interested in Bringing Back Carmelo Anthony for Next Season and That's So Knicks

Carmelo Anthony
Portland Trailblazers Forward Carmelo Anthony may go back to the New York Knicks | Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The New York Knicks made some sweeping changes to the front office, but it seems the organization's mindset has remained the same.

The New York Post's Marc Berman reports that new Knicks President Leon Rose is interested in reacquiring Carmelo Anthony. The former star of New York is currently 35 years old and has a one-year non-guaranteed contract with the Portland Trail Blazers, with whom he's had a career resurgence.

Anthony is averaging 15.5 points per game this year. Most importantly, he's actually playing, which is a huge step up from last season, where he only played in 10 games total.

Rose's interest in Melo is pretty understandable. Prior to coming on as the Knicks' president, Rose had worked as Anthony's agent since 2009. Now he's looking to bring his ex-client back to his former stomping grounds.

The question is whether or not Carmelo will want to go back. He's serviceable enough on the Trail Blazers, and it's a lot nicer to play alongside Damian Lillard (when he's healthy) than anyone in New York. His fit on a rebuilding team also remains questionable, especially considering he's still in pursuit of his ever-evasive first NBA championship.

Still, given his ties to Rose, there's no doubt the Knicks will be a destination Melo considers when he hits the open market once more.