Knicks Drop Absurd Press Release Blasting New York Daily News Amid Ongoing Vendetta

New York Knicks Press Conference
New York Knicks Press Conference / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

These days, "circus" and New York Knicks owner James Dolan's empire have become almost synonymous.

So, there should be no surprise that Dolan and MSG's war with The New York Daily News continued on Wednesday. The latest battle comes from the NYDN reporting Dolan's involvement in development plans of Inglewood, California, and due to the swift timing, most people read Dolan & Co's bizarre response before they were even aware of the initial piece.

The report outlines a lawsuit that MSG filed against the city of Inglewood. In Dolan's November deposition, he admitted that he donated $1 million to an Inglewood mayoral candidate he knew nothing about and ended up receiving on 18% of the votes. It is also reported that MSG funded lawsuits in an effort to block Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer's attempt for a new stadium, all in the name of protecting Dolan's investment in The Forum, an LA music venue.

In response to the article, the Knicks PR Twitter account released a statement, calling the article "egregious" and claiming the NYDN has a "vendetta against MSG." The bizarre statement details how Timothy Knight, CEO of Tribune Publishing, which owns the Daily News, was once fired by Dolan and is now seeking revenge through the newspaper.

The statement also claims that the lawsuits have nothing to do with protecting Dolan's investment, but rather giving a voice to the current residents, "backroom" dealings and a disastrous impact on the environment. No matter what the true story is, there seems to be as much non-basketball related drama surrounding the Knicks as there are on-court issues.