Knicks' Allonzo Trier's Take On Rookies Skipping Summer League Makes No Sense

This year's Summer League had plenty of buildup, but has suffered without the presence of top young players like Zion Williamson and Ja Morant, as both of the are nursing minor injuries.

New York Knicks guard Allonzo Trier, who was a Summer League darling last season, took this opportunity to lash out at these young whippersnappers, warning them of the pitfalls of skipping Summer League.

Yeah, because playing against a team full of guys trying to make the team, half of which will either be playing overseas in a few months, will prepare you for the NBA if you're a top-two pick.

If Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors showed us anything last year, it's that franchise cornerstones shouldn't risk it if it's not 100 percent necessary. If this tweet is indeed targeting high draft picks like Williamson, Morant, and Jarrett Culver, it doesn't make a lick of sense.

Zion, one of the biggest media frenzies in the sport and the biggest thing to hit New Orleans since Anthony Davis, needs to risk his body and the Pelicans' short and long term future by playing in a sweaty Las Vegas gym against G League players? Also, there's not a chance it was his decision to rest.

It makes sense that Trier is shilling for the Summer League, because his performance in this showcase helped him land with the Knicks. However, the best players don't need to waste their time with this. In a few years, the Summer League and NBA Draft Combine might go the way of the dinosaur if the best prospects decide that the risk is ultimately unnecessary.