Kirk Cousins Playing Well on MNF And Still Losing to Seahawks Proves Primetime Curse is Real

Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks | Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has long been viewed as one of the great quarterback teases in recent history. His numbers always look great, and he'll win you seven or eight games a year automatically, but he always shrinks in primetime games or in clutch moments when you need a terrific performance from your QB to lead you to victory.

Cousins just couldn't erase that narrative on Monday Night Football, as he lost 37-30 to Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks.

Cosuins was, for the most part, excellent, but everything that could go wrong in this game did. Their normally-stout front seven allowed Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny to stampede all over them. His best weapon, running back Dalvin Cook, injured his shoulder.

The refs awarded Seattle a couple bogus calls, and their attempt at trickery was perfectly executed, as a Michael Dickson fake punt twisted the knife even further.

The only possible explanation for all of this going wrong for Minnesota is some bad mojo that Cousins brings with him whenever he plays a primetime game.

The Vikings proved that they'll be a tough out in the playoffs and are a team capable of making a run if they get a favorable matchup, but Cousins' inability to win in crunch time (even when he plays admirably) could come back to haunt them.