Kings' Buddy Hield Has Hilarious Response to Celtics Fan Who Called Him a Bust on Twitter

It's probably a bad idea to try and criticize Sacramento Kings shooting guard Buddy Hield on Twitter, or any NBA player for that matter. We know how active these guys are on social media.

Well, one fan tried, calling him a bust in a string of Tweets of which he probably wasn't expecting Hield to see. In hilarious fashion, Hield responded to the critic's tweet with a bust call of his own.

How Hield was able to find this string of tweets is unclear, but we're sure glad he did. He shut down the fan's analysis of him and will probably have people second-guessing themselves next time they think about going at him.

Also, Hield is far from a bust. He's coming off his best year in the NBA so far, averaging 20.7 points per game last season. He's about to enter his fourth year in the league, and while he still has plenty of improving to do, he's certainly trending in the right direction.

So next time you hop on Twitter to trash talk an NBA player and call him a bust, make sure to do some research and not just associate him with his draft slot.