Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both ended their seasons heading into free agency on sour terms with their respective teams.

Now it seems as though Durant and Irving plan to join forces, so for all you Knicks fans who have fantasies of Durant and Irving in Madison Square Garden, the dream is still alive.

On top of that, Durant is reportedly "pissed" at the Warriors over his Achilles injury.

The two have already reportedly met twice to talk over a possible future on the same team, and it seems Durant is pretty much out the door in Golden State especially with how his injury transpired.

It's not particularly surprising that Durant harbors ill will for the Warriors. The team's decision to clear him to play before his calf strain was fully healed led to a devastating injury that has altered the path of his career.

As to where they'll join forces remains to be seen. Durant seems focused on the Knicks while Irving and the Nets have been tied together for some time now.

In an offseason that's sure to be packed with excitement, the decisions of these two players will no doubt play perhaps the largest role in shaping the NBA landscape for the upcoming season.