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Kendrick Perkins Tweets Tantalizingly Cryptic Reaction to New Kevin Durant Interview

Kendrick Perkins sends out a cryptic tweet in regards to Kevin Durant's latest interview.

Kevin Durant is not the most sociable of personalities in the NBA. However, the new Brooklyn Nets star broke his silence on Wednesday in a candid interview with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

The interview covered everything, from how the Golden State Warriors treated his calf injury in the playoffs to his reaction to Toronto Raptors fans cheering once he ruptured his Achilles in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. But former NBA player-turned-pundit Kendrick Perkins was obviously turned off by something Durant said in the interview, and indicated as much in a tweet on Wednesday night. Perkins refused to elaborate on just what he was getting at, ending things a serious of tight-lipped emojis that suggest something incredibly juicy is being kept under wraps.

Perkins has been vocal about the end of Durant's tenure with the Warriors, saying the team had "taken him for granted," and that he was pressured by the coaching staff and teammates to return from his calf injury for Game 5 of the Finals, as the team faced a 3-1 deficit against Toronto.

In his interview with Yahoo, Durant sounded nothing but appreciative to the Dubs, going as far as to say the team was not at fault for his Achilles injury in the NBA Finals loud and clear. Durant just felt it was time to move on, and he decided to join the Brooklyn Nets, who possess a strong front office. He insisted that if he left the Bay, it would only have been for Brooklyn.

Will we get further elaboration from Perkins? Only time will tell, as a bombshell is always just one tweet away.