Ken Giles' Elbow Inflammation Essentially Takes Him Off Trade Market

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays
Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays | Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Scratch one star closer off the midseason wishlist.

As buzz increases by the hour, the Toronto Blue Jays find themselves somewhat stuck in neutral. Though they're still exploring the relief market with Daniel Hudson, Joe Biagini, and David Phelps on the block, their main center piece is now borderline unavailable.

Ken Giles' elbow inflammation hasn't sorted itself out yet, and he may not be able to contribute to any contending team this fall.

Hopes were already low about Giles' viability on Sunday as the issue persisted, but Monday night's non-entrance likely sealed his fate.

100 Miles Giles has bounced back from an all-over-the-place 2018 season to post remarkable numbers this year, whiffing 58 in 35 innings pitched, sporting a 1.54 ERA.

In his stead, the Jays will bask in the Marcus Stroman trade they've already completed, and try to get their middle innings guys to new homes. This second half is all about the sons of big leaguers (Bichette, Guerrero Jr., and Biggio), and this Giles news is ultimately only one bad drop in the bucket as development runs rampant.