Kellen Winslow Reportedly Displayed Repeated Disturbing Sexual Behavior Near His Teammates

TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 25:  Kellen Winslow #82 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks on during a game against the Atlanta Falcons at Raymond James Stadium on September 25, 2011 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Mike Ehrmann

Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow II has been on the wrong side of the law in recent years, and the news of his continued descent has been troubling to say the least. Earlier this week, Winslow was found guilty of rape, indecent exposure and lewd conduct, and could potentially face life in prison.

And as it turns out, Winslow's history of disturbing sexual behavior reached back to his playing career as well.

According to a new Sports Illustrated report, Winslow reportedly respected zero boundaries when his teammates and coaches were around. How so? Winslow would reportedly pleasure himself in front of his teammates and openly watch pornography during team meetings and flights.

Winslow's reputation was so bad that his teammates in Cleveland begged out of sharing hotel room assignments with him in order to avoid his shamelessly lewd conduct. After those players spoke out, Browns head coach Romeo Crennel and assistant Terry Robiskie apparently tried to lead Winslow in a positive direction, but failed to help him make any meaningful changes to his behavior.

A disturbing history for Winslow has led to an inevitable present: a long, long time behind bars. Truly a tragic fall for a player who coul have had it all.