KBO Just Demoted an Entire Umpiring Crew to the Minors and MLB Should Learn From This

A meeting at the mound for the Hanwha Eagles in a game vs. the SK Wyverns in the KBO
A meeting at the mound for the Hanwha Eagles in a game vs. the SK Wyverns in the KBO / Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

There has been and always will be complaints about officiating throughout sports. The goal for all the different leagues around the world is to mitigate these mistakes by the officials judging the game, and this action by the KBO certainly sits right with us.

After a game between the SK Wyverns and Hanwha Eagles, the league decided to demote the umpires who officiated the game down to the minors. Players in both dugouts had been complaining about balls and strikes since the start of the season, leading the league to issue an umpire exodus.

They've got more international eyes on 'em these days, so it's time to get in line.

MLB, you listening. Right now, the North American league sets its umpiring crews for the big leagues before the season. These officials cannot be demoted during the season, even if they perform poorly throughout the campaign. Heck, sometimes they even get World Series nods (looking at you, Angel).

If MLB put a rule that allows demotions, like the KBO did, then there would be more stress on the umpires to make correct calls. Hopefully, this would greatly improve the quality of the games here in America -- and maybe the umps wouldn't grab the headlines quite so often.

Even though the competition in MLB is superior to that of the KBO, there is no doubt that the league can pick up some pointers from games overseas.