Kate Upton Posted a Valentine's Day Tweet With Justin Verlander and They're Getting Shredded in the Mentions

Twitter users went in on Kate Upton and Justin Verlander
Twitter users went in on Kate Upton and Justin Verlander

Astros starter Justin Verlander won a Cy Young and a championship with Houston, but he was also a key member of a team that frequently used an illegal operation to steal signs and gain a competitive advantage. It's safe to say he's been a target of many outraged fans, who are now trying to make his Valentine's Day as unpleasant as possible.

Kate Upton, the famous supermodel and Verlander's wife, tried to wish Verlander a happy Valentine's Day on Twitter, but she was inadvertently chumming the waters for a pack of Twitter sharks to make nonstop jokes about her husband in the mentions.

Glossing over the fact that "My Verlantine" should be one of those phrases that gets you banned from Twitter, the real story is down in the mentions, where the Twitter trolls couldn't wait to let Upton know what kinds of dirty deeds her husband has been up to over the last few years.

Sheesh. At least this guy implied these two will have a lovely Valentine's Day in his tweet.

Some white knights tried to warn Upton, who most definitely does not care one bit, that Verlander can sometimes play a little loose with the truth.

Don't worry, Kate. Verlander will come out two years later and say that he "wishes he said more." That makes it all good right?

Oh gosh. Does Verlander know what's coming next?

What is it?!

Verlander can't escape the fact that he's one of the key figures in one of the largest scandals in baseball history. Now his only choice is to spend some time away from social media with his supermodel wife. How will he go on?