Kate Upton and Amy Cole Recreate Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole's Sports Illustrated Cover

The Astros and Rays are scheduled to face off in a fateful Game 5 of the ALDS, and both Kate Upton and Amy Cole are showing their support for their husbands' team in a pretty cool way.

It's almost certain that either Justin Verlander or Gerrit Cole will be crowned the 2019 AL Cy Young award winner with the other claiming the runner-up spot, and both star pitchers appeared together on the latest Sports Illustrated cover. Their wives recreated the pose and posted the picture on Upton's Instagram.

Along with a pun-tastic caption, the recreation is pretty spot-on. All Upton and Cole were missing was a pair of Astros uniforms, some gloves and a baseball.

Even with a pitching rotation that should leave the entire MLB shaking in its boots, Houston finds itself on the brink of elimination with the Rays refusing to back down. The winner will take on the Yankees in the ALCS, and it'll be up to Gerrit Cole to set the tone for his team.