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VIDEO: Kamaru Usman Lands Deciding Blows to Colby Covington's Jaw in Final Round to Retain Title

Kamaru Usman beats Colby Covington by TKO
Kamaru Usman beats Colby Covington by TKO

Colby Covington should focus on making Colby Covington great again. Kamaru Usman delivered a vital blow in the fifth and final round of their welterweight title fight to Covington's jaw (which very well could be broken), to retain his belt.

Covington put up one hell of a fight, and may very well have fought the final two rounds with a broken jaw. While the No. 2 fighter in the division complained at the official's decision to stop the fight, it's fairly inarguable given Usman's dominance at that moment and the severity of Covington's injury.

The main event of UFC 245 delivered, as this was one of the best fights Dana White's brainchild has seen in years. One can only assume a rematch is looming, as it was obvious from Round 1 that neither of these two liked the other.