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VIDEO: Justin Verlander's Mound Behavior Indicates He May Have Foreign Substance on His Hat

Justin Verlander appears to have some sort of substance on his hat during Game 2 of the ALCS.

The Houston Astros entered Sunday night mighty confident, knowing that they had ace Justin Verlander taking the mound at home against the New York Yankees. During Game 2, Verlander dominated the Yankees batting order in the early goings. Of course, that meant that social media users had to zoom in on his behavior in order to try to pick up a reason for the AL Cy Young candidate's dominance. Of course, they found him touching the bill of his hat. Constantly.

While in the past, using a substance like pine tar would have every baseball fan crying foul, that's just not the case anymore. Batters don't mind when a pitcher uses pine tar, because it allows him to have more control of their pitches. When there's control, there's less likelihood of injuries, which is a-okay for batters in the league.

Of course, James Paxton of the Yankees likely has a little working, too.

More importantly, those hitters don't mind, as long as the pitcher hides it well (i.e. not like Michael Pineda).

Don't expect a huge controversy or statement from the league.