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Justin Verlander Surprises BBWAA Dinner With Ill-Timed Comment on Astros Technological Advancements

Justin Verlander
Justin Verlander pitching in World Series vs Nationals | Elsa/Getty Images

Either Justin Verlander takes this whole sign-stealing scandal far too lightly, or he needs someone to read over his speeches with a fine-tooth comb.

JV accepted the AL Cy Young Award at the BBWAA dinner Saturday night, and in his speech dared to make some comments on the Astros' "technological and analytical advancements." This was greeted by some laughter in the room, but we're not sure if Verlander meant it as a joke. For his sake, we hope not.

The Astros players reportedly gave their testimony of events in exchange for anonymity, meaning Verlander is free to make all the jokes he wants should he choose.

MLB takes the Astros transgressions very seriously, and even though Verlander and Houston's pitching staff didn't benefit from the ordeal as much as, say, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman, they were still bystanders who did nothing but reap the rewards of the end product -- a World Series title.

Thus far, Houston has done anything but take this in stride. No Astros players have addressed the situation directly and/or apologized, with the likes of now-White Sox starter Dallas Keuchel biting the bullet for them.

Verlander's comments won't do Houston any favors.