Old Justin Verlander Comment Criticizing Dee Gordon for PED Use Couldn't Have Aged Any Worse

Justin Verlander
A quote dug up from 2016 shows Verlander's hypocrisy in the Astros sign-stealing scandal. | Elsa/Getty Images

Justin Verlander has been known to be a very outspoken baseball player. Throughout his career he has been very vocal when it comes to different situations around the league, and therefore has undertaken a role as an ambassador of the game.

That's why it has been so disappointing to see his team's involvement in such fishy cheating tactics. With Verlander having said very little about the whole situation, ESPN's Paul Hembekides dug up an old Verlander quote from 2016 in which he commented on Dee Gordon's use of performance-enhancing drugs.

It's funny that Verlander would bring up the fact that Gordon using PEDs would make a difference considering Gordon has 18 career home runs in his nine-year career, and Verlander's team won a World Series while stealing signs which was proceeded by Astros owner Jim Crane saying the cheating had no effect on the game.

Let's also not forget Verlander coming to the defense of teammate Jhonny Peralta after he tested positive for PEDs, but had disparaging comments regarding Gordon and Robinson Cano. His take on Gordon is especially problematic in both scenarios considering sign-stealing more than likely affected the outcome of many, many games.

What if, Justin?

Verlander's outspoken nature on cheating in the past makes for a real terrible look for him and the Astros, even more so when you factor in the team's disrespectful responses and apologies regarding one of the biggest scandals in MLB history.