Josh Reddick Responds to Astros Hater on Twitter in Lamest Way Possible

Josh Reddick responds to Houston Astros troll
Josh Reddick responds to Houston Astros troll

During these trying times, we can all unite behind some good ol' fashioned Astros hatred.

The COVID-19 virus delaying the MLB season doesn't change the fact that the Astros are cheaters. Sure, they've been punished (not severely), but the players haven't showed much remorse as a whole, especially those still employed by Houston.

Enter Josh Reddick, proving once and for all the Astros apology was just for show.


All of this started with Reddick cracking a joke about crowds gathering at Walmart, which we won't even touch with a ten-foot pole. A normal MLB fan who hasn't been brainwashed by the Astros machine responded, trolling Reddick as many others have. Yet, apparently this was the breaking point for the Astros outfielder, as he responded with a photo of a tainted World Series ring. How does this help?

Congratulations, you only made things worse.

The delay of the 2020 MLB regular season came at an awful time for Houston, as they were hoping on-field play could distract fans from the fact that their 2017 World Series is illegitimate.

Not so much!