Jose Canseco Wishes All Dads Except Alex Rodriguez a Happy Father's Day to Only Keep the Beef Going

Jose Canseco once again went after Alex Rodriguez on Twitter
Jose Canseco once again went after Alex Rodriguez on Twitter

Former Oakland Athletics superstar Jose Canseco doesn't see eye to eye with Alex Rodriguez for reasons that no one can understand, and he has continued to fire off insults at Rodriguez, all of which are completely unprovoked, during his Father's Day celebrations.

Canseco wished all fathers out there a happy Father's Day, which is a nice enough sentiment. However, he chose not to honor one specific father, who he referred to as "that MF." It doesn't take a genius to find out he is referring to Rodriguez.

What is the deal, man?

When Canseco isn't lobbing a bunch of juvenile NFSW insults at Rodriguez or accusing him of cheating on Jennifer Lopez with Canseco's own ex-wife, he's challenging Rodriguez to a bare-knuckle fight to once and for all take out his frustrations on the Yankees legend and ESPN analyst.

Canseco never misses a shot to go after Rodriguez, which is baffling because he has never given an explanation for his beef. Furthermore, Rodriguez himself has never responded or apparently taken this beef seriously. The whole thing is a big mess.