VIDEO: Jose Altuve Visits Young Astros Fan Who Was Victim of Gas Explosion in Panama

Life can take some unexpected twists, and unfortunately it took a turn for the worse for a young Astros fan. The child, who lives in Galveston, Tex., was the victim of a gas explosion in Panama and suffered severe burns as a result. But life had another, far more heartwarming surprise in store for him that came in the form of a visit from Houston Astros star Jose Altuve.

Sometimes you just have to sit back and appreciate the healing power of sports.

Everything from the stunned silence to the adorable hug show how much this meant to the young boy. Altuve's visit was perfectly timed, and a moment this young Astros fan will never forget.

It's interactions between fans and players like this that serve as a reminder of the human aspect of the game and the power it has to touch the lives of all those who watch it.