During the first inning of Friday night's game against the Texas Rangers, Jose Altuve suffered a hamstring injury serious enough to land him on the injured list for only the second time in his nine-year career. Timetables for the return of the six-time All-Star were never set but the Astros are certainly hoping for a quick return for their second baseman.

What the Astros and their fans hoped would only last a few days has recently appeared to be extended, as reports came out on Wednesday that indicate Altuve hasn't been progressing through physical therapy. He'll need to start running before being considered for on-field baseball activities, but he hasn't reached that phase.

According to reports from team manager A.J. Hinch, Altuve is doing leg training and working on the stationary bike for the time being.

As for his return, a time table remains absent. But if the Astros want their star second baseman in adequate playing condition, it's better to let time and therapy heal that hamstring.