Jonah Keri's Old Domestic Abuse Tweets Are Incredibly Hypocritical

The Athletic's Jonah Keri, best known for his 2014 book Up, Up, and Away, which chronicled the history of the Montreal Expos, now faces four serious charges including three counts of assault causing bodily harm and uttering death threats. The incidents in question had taken place over the span of a year, with Keri's latest coming just this month. The Athletic has since suspended him.

These unfortunate and depressing incidents also invalidate Keri's long track record of anti-domestic violence tweets, like this one critiquing MLB's position on players who were accused of spousal abuse.

Keri was extremely critical of Jose Reyes landing a job after having a subpar season and assaulting his wife, but it looks like Keri is going to have a hard time finding work after what dropped today.

Even Chuck Knoblauch, a former Twins and Yankees second baseman with two assault charges on his rap sheet, wasn't safe from alleged wife-beater Keri's anger.

Aroldis Chapman, who won a title with the Chicago Cubs almost a year after a domestic incident for which he wasn't even charged with a crime, was a target of Keri's ire as the Cubs won the World Series.

Keri might have put on the guise of someone who was genuinely concerned with and critical of baseball stance on domestic abusers, but has since revealed himself to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution.