VIDEO: Never Forget That Jon Jones Used to Be Introduced With the Nickname 'Sexual Chocolate'

Jon Jones used to have one of the strangest nicknames ever
Jon Jones used to have one of the strangest nicknames ever

Jon "Bones" Jones is one of the snappiest, most well-known UFC fighter nicknames in the history of the sport. However, there was a time that Jones went by a bizarre, NFSW moniker instead of the rhyming nickname with which he's ascended to the top of the MMA mountain. The rumors are indeed true, Jones' old nickname in the ring was "Sexual Chocolate."

Yeah...Bones was probably the better call.

Jones' early days as an MMA star weren't that different from his heyday as the most dominant fighter we've ever seen in UFC. Jones has only two fights in which he did not win, one of which was a loss via disqualification for an illegal elbow and a win over Daniel Cormier that was overturned due to failed drug test from Jones.

Jones, the brother of Cardinals All-Pro pass rusher Chandler Jones and former Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Arthur Jones, picked up the "Bones" nickname during his football days, as his coach was remarking on his slight frame.

When you're the athletic freak who has managed to carve out as dominant a career as Jones, you can call yourself whatever you damn well please.