Joey Votto Says Winning World Series in Shortened 2020 Season Would Mean Even More

Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto
Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto / Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds haven't won a World Series title since 1990, and Joey Votto is trying to change that. The Reds first baseman has shrugged off the notion that a World Series in an abbreviated season would be worth less, and instead is saying the opposite.

As the MLB fights to return during the coronavirus pandemic, the option the league is currently looking at is a shortened 82-game season starting in July. On Friday, Votto told Jayson Stark of the Athletic that the season may be shorter, but winning would mean even more.

Seeing that drive and passion from a player during a time without baseball is exactly what the fans want to see. If the MLB does get to play this year, fans will be extremely excited to have the sport back after losing it for months, which could give the 2020 season special meaning.

Earlier on Friday, Votto's teammate Amir Garrett shared his desire to get the season started.

Although there wouldn't be fans in the stands, Votto is right to say that this season would mean more. Winning a title during the pandemic would be a huge accomplishment for whoever is victorious, and would uplift fans in whatever city they call home.

It might be a shorter season, but this year's World Series may matter more than any other. Hopefully Votto and the Reds get their shot at a title in 2020.