Joe Schobert Claims He Left the Browns for Jaguars Because He Wanted to Win and We Can't Stop Laughing

Former Cleveland Browns LB Joe Schobert
Former Cleveland Browns LB Joe Schobert / Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

NFL fans, enjoy some good old comedic relief on this boring Tuesday.

Earlier in the offseason, linebacker Joe Schobert left the Cleveland Browns for a hefty payday with the Jacksonville Jaguars and cashed in on a five-year, $53 million deal. Raking in that much dough and going to a losing team is understandable, but Schobert's comments about leaving Cleveland for Jacksonville are downright laughable.

Come on, man. All we have to do is show you this to make you realize how silly Schobert sounds.

While the Browns haven't been that much better over that time period, they're certainly built to win for the foreseeable future while the Jaguars are pretty much starting from scratch with the exception of a few positions. The Jags' defense has essentially been gutted, too, so Schobert will be taking on a good amount of the burden.

We respect Schobert's enthusiasm about joining a new team this offseason, but we can't be taking his comments about winning seriously since the Jaguars have only been .500 or better twice since 2008.