Joe Montana Says Patriots Made a Mistake Letting Tom Brady Walk in Free Agency

Tom Brady, Joe Montana
Hall of Famer Joe Montana with new Tampa Bay Bucs QB Tom Brady | Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Many Patriots fans are asking the tough questions after franchise let their leader for two-plus decades sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While it seemed like a natural parting of ways to some, there was clearly more going on behind the scenes, as is the case with any split. Hall of Fame QB Joe Montana, who left his longtime team in the San Francisco 49ers for the Kansas City Chiefs late in his career, is willing to question the six-time Super Bowl champs.

"I don't know what's going on inside there, but somebody made a mistake," Montana told Jared Bell of USA Today. "He, obviously, they never would have gotten rid of. I still don't understand how New England let him get away. I don't understand that."

Montana didn't hold back, and his opinion holds weight given his experience. Nonetheless, Brady is 42 years old, and was asking for a contract the Patriots didn't want to match given his age. That's a fair qualm on both sides.

Whether the Patriots regret their inactivity on the Brady front, such as not surrounding him with the right weapons to succeed in his final year in New England, remains to be seen.