Joe Burrow is Already Cool With Autographing Bengals Jerseys

Joe Burrow is apparently fine with signing Bengals jerseys
Joe Burrow is apparently fine with signing Bengals jerseys /

Debates on sports talk shows throughout the nation have centered on whether or not Joe Burrow should spurn the Cincinnati Bengals, who are projected to select the LSU signal caller with the No. 1 overall pick in April.

A plethora of former Bengals players who, let's say, didn't reach their full potential thanks to the franchise's ineptitude, have come forward and said they'd understand if Burrow is feeling squeamish thinking about playing for Cincy.

Well, to add another subplot to this saga, Burrow was gracious enough to autograph his No. 9 Bengals jersey for a fan this week, seemingly quelling that worry for a bit.

Does this mean that Burrow is now wholly persuaded to play for his home-state NFL team? No, of course not.

However, it does make you think that analysts and pundits leading shows with this topic were overblowing the narrative that Burrow is secretly wishing that the Bengals pass on him.

Here's an idea: let Burrow and his inner circle decide what's best for his future. Let's stop making the 23-year-old out to be a villain when he hasn't even participated in the combine yet.

The fact that he was amiable enough to autograph jerseys for a few random fans proves he deserves that freedom.