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Jimmy Butler Should Be Furious He's Not an All-Star Starter

Jimmy Butler
Heat guard Jimmy Butler looking to break down the Nets defense | Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

The NBA All-Star starters were announced on Thursday, and, for the most part, there weren't too many surprises. However, there was one snub that had fans shaking their heads across the country.

Yup, we're talking about Jimmy Butler. How was he not named a starter?

Are we really going to use the justification that his size slates him as a stereotypical forward and therefore he's not eligible to start in the backcourt? If so, the NBA should scrap their voting blueprint.

The last time we checked, winning had a say on All-Star voting, and Butler has had a huge role in the Miami Heat ascending to the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference, a place that no pundit or skeptic predicted they'd be in coming into the season.

Butler is averaging 20.3 points alongside career-highs of 7 rebounds and 6.5 assists. He compiled the fourth-most overall votes in the East, which means he should be starting.

How on earth is Trae Young, who, yes, is having a sensational sophomore season, a starter? His Atlanta Hawks currently sit in the basement of the East, 27 games (!) behind Butler's Heat.

We love Trae, but that's a farce.

Butler might stand at 6-7, but he plays as Miami's shooting guard, and has always played the SG position. Kemba Walker should be starting at the point, and Jimmy should be starting at the two. It's that simple, and the Association managed to bungle it.