Jets stunned everyone by taking down the Eagles in Week 6

Philly is undefeated no more thanks to New York
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

What is it with the Jets and taking down teams they're not supposed to? Earlier in the year, in the same game Aaron Rodgers suffered his torn Achillies, the Jets beat the Buffalo Bills in dramatic fashion. Surely there was no way they'd beat the Eagles, right?

Wrong. On Sunday, the Jets hosted Philly for a showdown at MetLife Stadium and no one thought they'd post a victory. Well, they did, as the Jets somehow were able to find a way to top the NFC powerhouse. Jets fans across the world aren't going to forget about this one anytime soon:

Seriously, the 20-14 victory posted by the Jets is something that no one could have predicted. Zach Wilson was far from perfect, but he made some big throws when his team needed them to. As has been the case, the defense for Gang Green stepped up too. Enjoy this one, Jets fans.