Jets QB Aaron Rodgers is skipping the entire Jets minicamp

This is a bad look for the veteran QB.
New York Jets OTA Offseason Workouts
New York Jets OTA Offseason Workouts / Luke Hales/GettyImages

Remember when Aaron Rodgers said the Jets needed to get rid of all the distractions? Well, what in the world does he have to say now? New York has been hard at work at their mandatory minicamp, but Rodgers is nowhere to be seen.

Rodgers is missing the action for what Robert Saleh had said is an 'important event' for him. However, with Rodgers coming off his season-ending injury, a lot of Jets fans are not happy with him just bailing on the team this week.

Yes, all that matters is that Rodgers should be good to go for training camp and Week 1, but him being away from the team like this doesn't send a great message. Saleh can't be too pleased about this either.