Jets Losing Jamal Adams Over Petty Non-Financial Issue Would Be Classic Jets

Jamal Adams
Jamal Adams is in the process of seeking a contract extension from the New York Jets | Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The New York Jets have been a laughingstock in the NFL dating back to the butt-fumble. Since then, zero playoff appearances, overpaying aging stars and letting go of future talent has been their MO. Just when New York might have a chance to redeem itself slightly by keeping around one of the best players in the league who just so happens to play for Gang Green, they are once again up to their old tricks.

Safety Jamal Adams and the Jets have reached an “impasse” in their contract negotiations. Adams wants to be paid like a top-flight safety as soon as possible, but New York does not see the situation the same way. They are worried about something else.

Granted, New York still technically does have a few more years of control on Adams’ contract, but there is no reason for them to wait to sign him to extension. If the Jets wait any longer, a younger, up-and-coming safety will make big money that Adams is going to command, which then will cause an even bigger problem.

Adams was already linked to trade rumors during the 2019 season, but this has gotten out of hand. The Jets are on the verge of a monumental mistake, and we frankly should've seen it coming.