Jerry Jones Calling Out Ezekiel Elliott Proves He Has No Idea What He's Talking About

Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been one of the most polarizing figures in the sports landscape for a long time. On the one hand, the Cowboys have seen a great run of success since he purchased the team in 1989. On the other, he frequently makes questionable decisions and untimely statements that undermine his legitimacy as a top-tier owner.

He made another one of those remarks Monday as he discussed the Ezekiel Elliott holdout:

In a vacuum, saying that you don't need a top tier running back to win a championship should not be a controversial statement; the New England Patriots do it virtually every season. But in the context of the Cowboys situation, it's a ridiculous remark.

Hey Jerry, remember the 1990s? That's the decade in which the Cowboys last won more than one playoff game in a season, and the decade in which America's Team won three Super Bowls. Their running back for all three was none other than Emmitt Smith, the NFL's all-time rushing leader.

Beyond that obvious flaw in Jones' logic, it's simply poor leadership to air out grievances like this in the midst of a contract dispute. Elliott is unquestionably very important to the team, as he's one of the league's premier talents at the position. If Jones isn't careful, he could fracture the organization's relationship with Elliott in a manner that can't be repaired even with a big payout.

Perhaps Jones should take a page out of defensive end's Demarcus Lawrence's book and keep his mouth shut while the holdout unfolds.