Jeff Wilpon's Press Release About Failed Team Sale to Steve Cohen Will Likely Only Anger Mets Fans

New York Mets owner Jeff Wilson isn't telling fans what they want to hear
New York Mets owner Jeff Wilson isn't telling fans what they want to hear / Adam Hunger/Getty Images

It was just last week when New York Mets fans finally thought they were free -- free from the all-too-tight grasp of the Wilpons around the team's throat. They were about to be bought by billionaire philanthropist Steve Cohen, who was surely ready to clean the slate and set a new precedent, and fans finally had an excuse to be excited for the future.

Until the deal fell through.

Once the supposed messiah of the Mets was no longer part of the equation, COO Jeff Wilpon had a lot to answer for, and he didn't answer any of it in a press release released by the team on Monday.

After a deal more or less 18 years in the making came crashing down, Wilpon said that Mets fans deserve answers, and that while he wants to disclose more information, a non-disclosure agreement that was signed during the now-dead discussions with Cohen bars him from saying anything about the deal.

How convenient.

Thankfully for Mets fans, Wilpon said that negotiations to sell the team will continue, though he is not showing his hand whatsoever as the state of play there.

"We'll work hard to maintain everyone's confidence and trust," his statement continued. If you're among the most lackluster owners in baseball, you don't have anyone's trust. This is just another instance of the Wilpons' leadership propping itself up with empty statements.

After all these years, it's just not gonna work.

Sure, the Wilpons want to focus on the future, but that's because the talented team they have is an opportunity for the team to make even more money. This family continue to be a shining example of how to take great potential and fan support in the largest media market in the country and squander it fantastically year after year.