Jeff Passan Trolls Twitter Users for Trying to Cold Take Him Over Previous Sarcastic Mike Trout Tweet

Jeff Passan explained his old Mike Trout tweet
Jeff Passan explained his old Mike Trout tweet /

The Twitter archeologist known as Old Takes Exposed does a masterful job of exposing the hilariously bold predictions that the biggest names in sports wished stayed buried. However, sometimes certain users send a tweet that they don't know the true meaning behind.

An old Jeff Passan tweet, in which he called Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout a "bum" in 2012, has been misinterpreted.

Passan's tweet was clearly dripping in sarcasm, as he tweeted that right after Trout, in the middle of a fierce MVP battle with Miguel Cabrera, went 4-5 with three RBI in his last game of the season. Passan himself also confirmed he pushed Trout over Cabrera as MVP that year given his ridiculous sabermetric accomplishments.

Despite Passan's fanboying and Trout's own dominance, Cabrera winning the Triple Crown ended up giving the Detroit Tigers slugger the MVP in 2012.

Passan's Twitter is still ripe enough to come to light every now and then, even if it's for the wrong reasons. His praise of the Houston Astros in 2017 rings incredibly hollow, as he claimed they "earned" their World Series title when that couldn't be further from the truth.

Ouch. Tough to defend that one.

While Passan might need to retroactively disown his old Astros tweets, he is always going to stan Trout given the chance.