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Jayson Tatum's 'Chinese Takeout' Sneakers Are Ridiculous and Amazing


NBA players often don some pretty remarkable custom sneakers during their games, but Boston Celtics' star Jayson Tatum may have just set the new standard when it comes to bizarre kicks.

On Wednesday's game against the Washington Wizards, Tatum rolled up wearing some pretty unique custom sneakers, inspired by his passion for Chinese food.

The Jordan shoes feature a fortune cookie and some Chinese architecture on the back, and "Thank You" and "Enjoy" tags on the front. And despite the odd inspiration for the shoes, they're actually pretty sweet.

Tatum, who signed a multi-year shoe deal with Jordan Brand this offseason, is clearly not afraid to get creative when it comes to custom sneakers, and these might be the most unique pair we've seen on the court this season.

While PJ Tucker's collection may feature some intricate sneakers, we're not sure even he has a pair as distinct as these ones.

Tatum dropped 23 points in Boston's win over the Wizards on Wednesday, bringing his season scoring average to 19.8 points per game.