James Wiseman's Lawyer Has an Amazingly Appropriate Name and NCAA Doesn't Stand a Chance

South Carolina State v Memphis
South Carolina State v Memphis / Joe Murphy/Getty Images

The NCAA sent shockwaves through the college basketball landscape on Friday evening when it was announced that James Wiseman, the No.1 overall recruit in the 2019 class, is ineligible to play for Memphis for for the foreseeable future.

The ruling reportedly stemmed from the fact that Tigers head coach Penny Hardaway helped Wiseman and his family move to Memphis while he was still in high school via financial means.

Wiseman's ruling has been put on hold, making him eligible to play Friday night against UIC, but his legal team will surely fight this until the allegations are dropped (if they ever are). Well, more than luck is on the freshman's side as the name of his attorney -- Leslie Ballin -- confirms that the NCAA stands no chance.

Seriously, what's the sense in the NCAA even launching an official investigation at this point? Wiseman's lawyer is quite literally Ballin. Not to mention that virtually the entire country believes their ruling was merciless.

Wiseman is putting all of his eggs into Ballin's basket, because how could you not in a situation like this? It's perfectly appropriate and tells us that he is the perfect man to guide Wiseman out of this predicament.