James Harden Wins Court Case Against Photographer Who Sued Him

Houston Rockets v Charlotte Hornets
Houston Rockets v Charlotte Hornets / Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

James Harden no longer has to deal with the nuisance of a lawsuit hanging over his head.

After a long civil battle with photographer David Flores that lasted more than three years, Harden has been cleared of all charges and will not have to fork up any money to the photographer.

Flores alleged that Harden hit his hand back in 2016 while he was trying to capture a photo of the NBA star, which in-turn, broke the photographer's finger. The judge requested a settlement meeting between Harden and Flores in an attempt to avoid trial, but the two parties would not budge, forcing the case to go to trial.

Ultimately, Harden would win the case, with the jury determining that Harden did not intent to injure Flores and did not act neglectfully during the incident.

Harden most likely has enough on his mind with the shift in power of the NBA landscape unfolding right before his eyes while the Rockets did next to nothing to change their roster.

Although Harden may not be winning it all with Houston, he did take home the win in this civil case.