Reddit Genius Finds Correlation Between James Harden's Stats and Quality of Local Strip Clubs

Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets
Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets

James Harden and his beard are an iconic sight on the hardwood, but his off-court escapades are the stuff of legend.

Harden's status as an NBA superstar will one day land his jersey in the rafters, but that's not the only location where his threads are prominently featured. Per NBA folk lore, 'the Beard' is known for his frequent attendance at one of Houston's most well-known strip clubs. In fact, he's there so often they've hung his jersey from the ceiling. Apparently, it's just how he unwinds.

But what does the former MVP do when he's on the road? More of the same.

An NBA fan took to Reddit to see if there was a correlation between the quality of strip clubs in cities and Harden's on-court performance in games played there. The results won't surprise you.

While it is common knowledge among the NBA community that Harden loves his strip clubs, the fact that he plays worse the better the clubs are is quite hilarious and a trend we just cannot ignore.

A series against Toronto in the NBA finals would be welcomed sight to Houston fans as Harden's statistics are unrivaled at Scotiabank Arena, which also corresponds with some of the worst strip clubs in North America.

On the other hand, the Jazz (a potential fellow Western Conference contender) would prove to be trouble for Harden as Salt Lake City has the best-ranked strip clubs in any city that has an NBA franchise.

Of course, this could all be hogwash and circumstance, but numbers never lie.