This Buccaneers-Jets Trade for Jamal Adams Would Make Tampa Bay Super Bowl Favorites

Safety Jamal Adams playing for the New York Jets.
Safety Jamal Adams playing for the New York Jets. / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Safety Jamal Adams has requested a trade from the New York Jets, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on his wishlist. After signing Tom Brady earlier this year, the Bucs would become an instant Super Bowl contender if they can complete a trade for the defensive stud.

Adams isn't going to be cheap, but he would be worth it for the Bucs. They need to go all in this year with Brady at their helm, and Adams next to second-round draft pick Antoine Winfield Jr. would be a sight to see for fans everywhere. If the Bucs give up their 2021 first- and third-round draft picks plus current safety Jordan Whitehead, it could be more than enough to make something work.

Would it hurt the Bucs to lose two top picks for next season? Absolutely. But the benefits of having one of the best defensive players in the league on the roster for years to come far outweighs the losses.

The Jets would need a safety to fill Adams's shoes, and while Whitehead isn't the best in the league, he's a solid player who could hold down the fort on defense. The Bucs have a decent amount of depth at safety, so they would have backups for Adams and Winfield even without Whitehead.

The Bucs need to make this happen, because this could be their year to go all the way. With Adams on defense and Brady on offense, we could see something special go down in Tampa. This is an opportunity that's simply too good to pass up. We'll see if the Bucs and Jets can strike up a deal.