Jalen Ramsey's Instagram Activity From Mid-July Definitely Hints at His Desired Destination

In case the Jalen Ramsey trade demand hit you like a stone hammer mid-day Monday, allow us to refresh things a bit.

You see, it seems Ramsey has been plotting this for a while, possibly even before he arrived at camp in an armored vehicle overflowing with cash. Good times.

Though the official demand hit the airwaves early Monday evening, Ramsey took the mid-July Russell Westbrook trade as a chance to let DeAndre Hopkins he might want to join him in Houston.

I guess the Jaguars have to reconcile with Ramsey's demands at this point, but would they really send him within the division? To their chief competitor in the Texans? Alrighty, then.

I guess that's kind of what the Thunder did with Westbrook's albatross of a contrac after all.

In terms of escalating his exit from Jacksonville, Ramsey's sideline confrontation with Doug Marrone this weekend, which was incredibly visible, got the ball rolling (publicly, at least).

This is all moving so quickly. Is there room for this newfound nomad to fulfill his desires in H-Town?