Jaguars Drafted a Guy Who Drinks Psychotic Protein Shakes Every Day

Ben Bartch has an unusual protein shake recipe
Ben Bartch has an unusual protein shake recipe

The Jacksonville Jaguars used the 116th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft on St. John's offensive tackle Ben Bartch, who really upped his stock at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. Bartch weights 310 pounds, which is 50 pounds heavier than the former tight end weighed before his junior season. Bartch attributes his weight gain to a repulsive "protein shake" that features eggs, grits, and Gatorade as three of the main ingredients.

Gross is an understatement.

It's almost impossible to scout Bartch based on his film, as his tape came against non-scholarship players at the D-III level at St. John's. Bartch finally got to strut his stuff against future pro players at the Senior Bowl, and he showed that he has the strength and athleticism to handle quality pass rushers at the next level.

He's still raw, but Jacksonville picked up a quality developmental prospect.

Bartch might have a very unusual choice of preferred beverage, but it helped him go from a D-III school in the middle of Minnesota to the NFL, so we guess it works.