NFL Draft Experts Ranking Jacob Eason Ahead of Jake Fromm Makes No Sense

Former Georgia Bulldogs QB Jake Fromm at NFL Combine
Former Georgia Bulldogs QB Jake Fromm at NFL Combine / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

As we get closer to the NFL Draft, the experts are starting to release their rankings of the best prospects available. The 2020 quarterback class is especially hard to differentiate, but there are some obvious things we all should know going into the draft.

Firstly, Joe Burrow is the clear No. 1 QB choice. Second, Jake Fromm is a better pro prospect than Jacob Eason.

Let's just get a few things straight. Fromm usurped Eason for the starting QB spot while they both played at Georgia. Eason gained 6.6 yards on each throw in his freshman year. Fromm came in and was instantly more productive than Eason with nine throwing yards per attempt on a 62 percent completion rate. Eason left the school after barely playing in his sophomore year and he became a bit more reliable at Washington.

You could make the case that while Fromm took a step back in his senior year, Eason showed some improvement. The difference, though, is marginal, and Fromm had to do a lot more to help his team in that junior season. What will get Eason drafted is his raw athleticism and his explosive throwing arm, but he lacks the anticipation and accuracy of a Fromm.

Fromm is the safer and more NFL-ready option though. His decision-making is what should translate well, even if he isn't the most breathtaking athlete.