Jack Flaherty’s Reaction to MLB Owners Proposed Salary Cuts for Players Sums up How We’re All Feeling

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty on Twitter
St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty on Twitter /

It has been almost three months since the 2020 MLB season was shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, and the league is still trapped in a standstill as it attempts to establish the logistics of commencing play.

MLB and its team owners have recently made some proposals to the players' union, including a shortened 82-game season and reduced salaries for the league's highest-paid players preferably. Now, the owners have brought forth a new proposal that has made multiple big names in professional baseball irate.

The proposal submitted to the MLBPA discussed cutting the prospective season salaries of the highest-paid players. The desired cuts could bring those player's salaries down to below 40% of the full prorated share. For a player making $35 million, the cut would shift that contract to $7.8 million.

As expected, many players took to their channels to express their disapproval for the owner's plea. One of those was St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty. In a tweet posted Tuesday afternoon, it isn't difficult for other players, and even fans, to agree with his sentiment.

The MLB has been in discussions about a shortened season for weeks, with not much progress having been made.

Further pay cuts have been looked down upon as the league's money makers already agreed to a pay cut of about 50% back in March. While they feel the former agreement would allow full pro-rated shares, they fear anything more is too much. 

Commissioner Manfred and MLB need to find the middle ground with their players, and perhaps sooner than later. With other pro sports leagues advancing their returns daily, baseball fans are growing restless.