Ivy League Cancels Conference Tournament Due to Coronavirus and Declares Yale as Champions

Yale has been crowned Ivy League champions
Yale has been crowned Ivy League champions / Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The spread of coronavirus has forced the sports world to take action in the name of keeping players and fans safe and healthy, with the most noteworthy example being European soccer leagues deciding to either play games without fans in attendance or even going as far as to suspend league play all together.

The Ivy League has decided to eliminate the potential of a fan or player at the conference tournament unwittingly passing the disease, as they have cancelled both the men's and women's conference tournaments outright. By virtue of having the best conference and overall record, Yale's men's team and Princeton's women's team have been crowned as conference champions and will represent the Ivy League at the big dance.

Yale went 11-3 in Ivy League play, and 23-7 overall. Rivals Harvard and Penn probably wanted another crack at them, but stopping the spread of this virus is clearly a bigger concern than a few college basketball games. Thus, James Jones' side will be entering the fray as the representative from the Ivy League.

While the Bulldogs are no doubt thrilled that they have won their conference and will be heading to the big dance, they assuredly would have liked to earn their berth on the court rather than on a technicality caused by a public health crisis.