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It's Time for the Steelers to Fire Mike Tomlin Following 0-2 Start

PITTSBURGH, PA - SEPTEMBER 15: Head coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers looks on during warmups before the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Heinz Field on September 15, 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)
Seattle Seahawks v Pittsburgh Steelers | Justin Berl/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers have only had three head coaches in the last 50 years (Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin), but they should start looking for No. 4 after their loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

After choosing not to part ways with Mike Tomlin after he missed the playoffs and enabled Antonio Brown to immolate the locker room, Tomlin's hot seat has moved from warm to roasting after an 0-2 start.

While the Seahawks and New England Patriots are two tough teams, this is a major disappointment from Tomlin, who was hyping up this year as a new beginning following the loss of Brown and Le'Veon Bell.

Instead, the Steelers have the same issues they have had for years, including lack of a secondary, penalties and an inability to manage the clock in critical situations (which falls directly on him).

Same as it ever was.

Pittsburgh has games against a 2-0 San Francisco team and a division rival in Cincinnati, but they should be favored in both those contests. If Tomlin loses them, it'll be very hard for the Rooney family to justify keeping him.

Tomlin has built himself quite the legacy in Pittsburgh, but he is about to leave on poor terms following a nightmare start to the 2019 season, especially if this dark and stormy start to the year continues into Week 3.