Isaiah Thomas Roasts Jaylen Brown on Twitter After Pics of Celtics Star's New Haircut Emerge

The Jaylen Brown vs. Isaiah Thomas hair rivalry has taken another turn.

The former Boston Celtics teammates have a history of ripping on each other's hairstyles on social media, and that continued on Thursday after pictures showing Brown without his famous flat top circulated.

Thomas took to Twitter to applaud Brown's new look, but made sure to include a well-placed jab.

Thomas couldn't praise his friend without including a funny dig, referring to the erstwhile flat top as a "microphone."

It's nice to see Thomas, a former All-NBA performer and MVP candidate, have fun on social media despite seeing his career derailed by significant injuries the past two years.

As for Brown, his Celtics career may soon be a thing of the past just like his flat top. There are reports suggesting that Brown is seeking a five-year, $170 million contract extension from Boston.

The C's will most likely not shell that much money out for Brown.

All that means is that the fans will just have to appreciate that hair of his while they can.