Infamous Whistling Vanderbilt Fan Got into an Argument and Then Returned to Hype Up the Crowd

If you've ever been to a Vanderbilt baseball game, there's a decent chance you've heard the booming whistles that come from the crowd. And there's a better chance that you got extremely irritated by the incessant high-pitched noises that cease to stop throughout most of the game.

Well, you're certainly not alone in that regard. The "Vandy Whistler" has drawn ire from many fans, most notably during the playoffs and College Baseball World Series, where Vanderbilt tend to shine.

The woman next to him is clearly supportive, though she didn't forget to protect her own ears in the fleeting moments she had between clapping her hands to the beat.

During Vanderbilt's game on Saturday, the whistler was back to his usual antics, and he apparently pushed one fan over the edge.

To no surprise, an opposing fan had finally gotten sick of his noise and the pair got into an argument. It was the other guy who got the short end of the stick in that dispute, however, as he was escorted from the game.

The whistler, you ask? He returned to the crowd and continued to rally the troops in support of Vanderbilt.

Well, I suppose that's fair, as after all, how can you kick a fan out of the stadium for whistling?

There are actually two whistlers for the Commodores, Preacher Franklin and Jeff Pack. The two are not popular among fans of opposing teams, and have even received death threats for their actions as well as having been issued warnings by ESPN after their whistles could be heard on live broadcasts.