Indians Pitcher Logan Allen Rips Jamele Hill For Connecting Robert Kraft to Donald Trump After Mask Donations

Cleveland Indians pitcher Logan Allen calls out Jemele Hill
Cleveland Indians pitcher Logan Allen calls out Jemele Hill

Without the distraction of sports, we have nowhere to look away to when a tweet we disagree with hits the timeline, and Tribe pitcher Logan Allen finally had enough on Thursday night.

Robert Kraft donated 1.7 million masks to the greater Boston area on Thursday, as well as 300,000 to New York, in a truly commendable gesture. While most praised the Patriots owner for this, Jemele Hill did so partially, while also not forgiving him for past political connections. This is well within her right, and we'd argue she's not particularly wrong -- but there's a time and a place for everything.

Allen, in particular, was not having it.

This isn't an either/or scenario. Kraft did an honorable thing here, but his past donations helped elect a President that, quite frankly, hasn't responded to the COVID-19 epidemic as well as some Americans would have liked. It's cost us resources, jobs and most importantly lives.

Allen is right in the sense that political analogies are a tired act while we're all stuck in quarantine. Our safe space bubbles have burst, and that makes us uncomfortable in an already-stressful time.

Forcing us to face that reality is Hill's schtick. As Allen's tweet shows, it's just not for everyone.