VIDEO: Indiana Fans Celebrate at Assembly Hall After Kentucky's Loss to Evansville

After moving up to No 1. AP poll, the Kentucky Wildcats had what looked like an easy home opener against Evansville. But boy, were they ever in for a shock. The Purple Aces pulled off the seemingly impossible, beating the Wildcats in Lexington to the abject dismay of the home crowd. Not everyone was disappointed, however-- Just listen to these Indiana Hoosiers fans chanting "Evansville!" after learning the news while they took on North Alabama in Bloomington.

After the Hoosier faithful at Assembly Hall saw the Kentucky score on the big board, they couldn't help celebrating not only the defeat of their historic rivals, but the win for an unsung in-state neighbor.

Indiana's fans still have fond memories of upsetting a No. 1 Kentucky team as well. Back in 2011, they knocked off the Anthony Davis-led Wildcats with a now-iconic three-pointer.

Kentucky has definitely been a more relevant basketball program than Indiana in recent years, so any time the Wildcat faithful get humbled, the Hoosiers won't waste the opportunity to rub it in.